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What is Autodefence Self Defence?

A contemporary health and Self Defence activity teaching the dynamic skills and techniques of Wing Tchun Self Defence. It’s a one-stop shop for getting fit and active, having fun, losing weight, meeting new friends and mastering exciting, practical skills.

What makes it different

  • Modern, progressive coaching style
  • Personal programme cards to ensure your training and progress follows your pace
  • Structured training sessions following a well-designed class layout
  • Non-mystical Self Defence approach
  • Friendly, sports-club style atmosphere
  • Emphasis on getting active for a great endorphine release!


Where are your Self Defence clubs?

We have Self Defence training clubs at various centres in the UK and abroad. To find a club local to you, please use the “Find a club” button at the top of this page.

How much does it cost?

Each club sets its own rates for Self Defence training and special deals, so please enquire at your local club for specific pricing. The total cost of Self Defence training includes a very reasonably priced organization membership, competitively priced training equipment (protective pads), class training fees and occassional grading examinations. Compared to gym memberships, Autodefence is a low-cost way to go beyond exercise.

How fit do I have to be?

All fitness levels can be catered for. Please do not think you need to already be fit before you start. If you’re not very fit now, starting Autodefence now is how you get fitter and trainees can adapt the intensity and pace of their training to their personal fitness needs. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor.

What will I learn?

You will learn the skills, discipline and knowledge of the Autodefence-Wing Tchun Self Defence  training system. You will learn how to develop your skills, reflexes and power. You will develop your fitness and flexibility. You will learn how to be the calm in the storm. And you will learn effective self defence skills and strategies.

Is it hard? Will I get hurt?

We recognise people want to receive effective training with a very low risk of injury. Over many years, we have developed a style of training which maximizes effectiveness within a framework of low risk. The Self Defence training path is carefully designed to develop competence in controlled situations before advancing to sparring work and we use protective equipment to ensure any accidental bumps and hits are protected against.

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Your assurance of quality

Ours is an international training organization which has been committed to quality, excellence and personal progression since its origins in the early 1980s. Our Principal Coaches Nick Smart and Milan Prosenica have been distinguished Self Defence trainers on the world stage for over thirty years. Principal Coach Nick himself started Self Defence training in these skills way back in 1973—the very earliest days of these skills in the UK. In short, no UK trainer has been around these skills longer than Nick!

Both Nick and Milan have trained numerous high quality Self Defence trainers including several top-level Master coaches who continue to work with Nick today. Sadly, Principal Coach Milan has passed away but his work is kept alive through this group.

The organization has a very mature training programme which is constantly re-tested and evolved as necessary. It also has a clear, structured progression path for all trainees as well as clear standards. Furthermore, it has a board of control to steer the group.

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Adult classes

Lots of adults would love to get fitter and master exciting Self Defence skills. Lots of adults would love a vehicle for getting out of the house and dissolving the stress that builds up in the work day. This is ideal for that!

Our adult self defence classes run at convenient evening and weekend times so you can get your training and enjoy the benefits when it suits you most.

To join everyone who is already benefitting, click on our Find A Club to find out where you can train today.

Autodefence Adult Self-Defence is effective for adults, no matter what your fitness level or age.

Children’s Self Defence

Would you love for your child to:

  • Learn the discipline of mind and body?
  • Establish the habit of exercise from an early age?
  • Develop their love of getting out and being social?
  • Develop physical skills beyond what most people can normally demonstrate?
  • Develop their emotional calm?
  • Have a vehicle to expend their excess energy?
  • Be able to protect themselves and be safe?
  • Greater physical aptitude that can speed the learning of other skills and sports
  • Confidence
  • Clear mind and the ability to concentrate

If this appeals to you, please use our Find A Club button to find a participating centre.