About Autodefence

About Autodefence Self Defence and your first session…

What is Autodefence Self Defence?

An intelligent, effective Martial Art teaching you the dynamic skills of Autodefence Wing Tchun Self Defence.

The core elements:

  • Fitness and flexibility.
  • Self Defence techniques.
  • Pre-emptive and escape tactics.
  • Pad work.
  • Free sparring.

The First Session;

  • Bring a drink, towel, comfortable clothing, maybe a friend and we’ll do the rest.
  • You will spend time with your new teacher prior to the session, who will explain the activity to you and register you for your free session.
  • Classes typically last 60/90 minutes and are suitable for all.
  • The classes comprise of 8 phased elements which develop your Flexibility, Skill, Balance, Speed, Agility and Power.
  • You’ll be guided through a nice, easy warm-up which over time will help improve your flexibility.
  • After which, you will practice deflecting and counter striking techniques as a group.
  • Then you will move on to rehearsing the techniques with a training partner.
  • To test the mechanics of the technique, you will now apply it to pad-work.
  • Finally, the close the session, you will have a brief wind-down with a stretch.
  • Now you can return home with moves to practice for your next session.

It has long been argued that through study of the martial arts, people develop a measurable sense of accomplishment and a mastery of mind over body contributing to greater self-esteem.

Through the teacher-student relationship the martial-arts student embarks on a voyage of self discovery and learns the importance of respect and regard for others.

If this appeals to you, please use our Find A Club button to find a participating centre.