Womens Self Defence

Self Defence courses for Women of all ages and levels of fitness

The Women’s Self-Defence course is designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life, on any given day. Striking and kicking techniques are emphasised, as well as techniques for controlling one’s attacker.

The ability to protect yourself, your friends and your family from dangerous situations is priceless. The Women’s Self-Defence course has been designed specifically to empower women with the skills, tactics and strategies to survive a violent situation.

Going to work, being out shopping or just taking a walk will feel different when you’ve completed this course. You’ll carry yourself more confidently and there is no doubt that you’ll project your confidence to all who see you.

Our Women’s Self-Defence classes offer an opportunity to learn safety while providing a great source of regular exercise in a non-conventional way. It also offers opportunities to develop new friendships with other students while learning valuable skills in functional self-defense.

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  • Awareness
  • Ability To Defend Yourself
  • Focus
  • Ability To Read Body Language


  • Self Defence
  • To Handle Attacks
  • Where To Strike
  • To Avoid Being A Target


  • Escape Grabs and Choke Holds
  • Self Control
  • To Overcome Shyness
  • Ways To Use Your Voice And Body


  • More Active
  • Confident
  • More Social
  • More Able To Set And Achieve Goals

Women’s Self Defence

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self defence for women

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